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The content of this page is the result of listening and working with Service Dog people. Your ideas about how the harness should fit the dog and the user have culminated in the best fitting, lightest weight, and most comfortable harness available anywhere today.

So I'd like to thank the people whose help and ideas contributed to the current harness designs you will find on this page. I look forward to working with you in the future and with your help we can continue to make the service dog harness even better.

During the past years, I have developed a few new products that are pictured on the PDF links of this webpage. Please take the time to examine the new Support X Harness, the Wheelchair Pulling Harness, Circle E's version of a Guide Dog Harness and a light weight harness used with autistic children. The new products are the result of customers asking for something they needed and could not find.

To discuss your ideas or custom needs,
please feel free to call me at: (214) 543-2893
or E-mail me at:

VIDEO - How to measure your dog for a Harness

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